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Golden Posts - Sex Toys

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Vette1963 on “The Best & Worst Toys”

Toys are man's gift to sex. My partner and I use a variety of them. Her favorite is the vibrator. We bought four before we found the right one. It really is a personal choice. Ours is for clitoral stimulation. You may prefer vaginal insertion stimulation or both.

Sex101 has a pretty good selection and prices seem to be fair. I we enjoy a small butt plug while we are having intercourse or foreplay. Adult videos are really exciting for me (if you consider them toys).recently we started using lubrication k-y jelly. It is great when she is jacking me off ad I have found out she jack's me off more now than before. It’s great if in a hurry like before we are going somewhere or before going to work.

We have a penis pump but I don't see any benefit using it, others may. Just bought a strap-on but haven't tried it I little afraid after reading some of the posts about anal. She appears to enjoy anal beads that we have.

Yippi on “The Best & Worst Toys”

Another toy I like a lot is the small Wireless Remote Control Butterfly.

Most times I'm satisfied with a traditional or clitoral vibrator, but there are certain occasions where I just really want something different and the idea of a remote controlled vibrator really turned me on.

My first impression of the Remote Butterfly was that it was a sexy vibrator. It is shaped like a butterfly with nice little patterns on the "wings". It's very feminine, which works well for me. The color is good too, although it probably doesn't matter too much what color it is. The idea is to wear it under clothing or in the bedroom - certainly not where many people would be seeing it.

Sometimes my b/f sits across from me, watching me and controlling the vibrator, bringing me to orgasm. I don't know why this turns me on so much, I just really enjoy the notion of my b/f watching me from afar as he brings me to orgasm. I know that many people also use remote controlled vibrators in public or maybe while they are around other people.

It is easy to strap into place and is very comfortable. The straps are a bit thinner than I thought they would be, but they are comfortable. I suppose they make them thin so you can hide the vibrator under your clothing. The vibrator itself is also very comfortable. It is nice and soft and fits nicely. The vibrations are very quiet, and I would say they are definitely quiet enough to allow you to use this toy out in public. The vibrations aren't completely silent though - so if you want to use the Remote Control Butterfly in, say, a museum you might want to think twice. As long as there is a little background noise you're fine.

The remote control unit is easy to operate and is compact and sturdy. It's a little black box that fits into a pocket. Neither I nor my b/f has any real complaints about the Remote Butterfly, and each of our experiences with it to date have been lots of fun. I'm glad I indulged my fantasy with this toy, and I would recommend it highly.

Girlygirl on “Acrylic Dildos”

I finally went out and bought an acrylic dildo, so I thought I'd share my experience with you all. I got the "Jupitor dildo" from Good Vibrations. It cost twenty-two dollars, which is not unusually cheap but is less than the average dildo.

Unfortunately, it is not as pretty as most acrylic dildos. One of the appeals of acrylic is its beauty. Dildos made of this type of plastic are usually clear and look like glass sculptures. This particular dildo only came in translucent pink, which is pretty but not nearly as pretty as clear acrylic. The store had two beautiful clear plastic dildos, but one of them looked too big for me, and the shape of the other one didn't look stimulating enough, so I opted for function over form and bought the Jupitor.

It turned out to be a lot of fun. The smooth texture is only a very subtle difference, but it does feel nice. Plus, since it is naturally slippery, it doesn't require much lube. The unyielding hardness of acrylic feels great inside, especially during orgasm, although it can be a little too rough going in and out. My only real complaint about the material is that it takes a long time to heat up.

The Jupitor is almost like two dildos in one, since the two ends are both insertable. One end is composed of three knobs (or "orbs" as the Good Vibes website calls them), and the other end is smooth and curved for g-spot stimulation. Both ends feel pretty good, but I do have one complaint about the curved end: it curves back before it curves forward, so it sometimes presses uncomfortably against my rectum. Other than a few small shortcomings, this is a great toy.

Brandye on “Toy Cleaning”

Two messages:

1. I have had (and done) gyn exams with either a surgical steel or plastic speculum. Based on my experience and appreciation from patients, soak them in warm water for a while. These dildos are rather thick and will take a while to warm up. I do this with my little bottle, too.

2. Anything going in you must be properly maintained whether it is a diaphragm, menstrual cup or dildo. In addition to washing, regularly soak it for about twenty minutes in warm vinegar water - two-thirds water and one-third vinegar. I often use a menstrual cup and soak it after every use. Having two to rotate helps but they are initially expensive compared to other feminine hygiene products.

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