Monday, December 10, 2007

Q & A: Way to prevent pubic area shave side effects?

Q. A while ago I decided to shave my wife's pubic area. It was a real turn-on for both of us until the next day or two when my wife was not so happy. She seemed to have a rash then the itching started. We both loved the sensation when she was newly shaved. Is there some way to prevent the side effects?


Dear Dan,

Shaving is used in many different sexual situations. It is important in practicing infantilism, body painting or transvestism, but is also used by tops to bring about submission and humiliation. The contrast of sensation before and after shaving is substantial and many people consider the added sexual pleasure of being shaved to be worth the effort. Unfortunately there is no foolproof way to avoid the symptoms you mention, but there are some actions you can try to alleviate them.

When you shave be sure to shave in the same direction as the hair growth. Try using lotion and baby powder to curb itching or Hibiclens, Neoporin or an apricot facial scrub. Cotton underwear will reduced the sticking problems.

Be aware that shaving causes small cuts in the skin and for this reason is considered a blood sport and an unsafe sex practice. Safety razors and sterile techniques should be used. Do not share razors. Do not use a straight razor unless you are a trained professional.

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