Thursday, November 27, 2008

Penis: How to get it Big, Bigger, Biggest

After the initial arousal, the penis will continue to enlarge and lengthen. At this point, if your man is a grow-er, you won't even recognize what you started out with! The penis has also become super-sensitive by this time, so you want to be careful not to over-stimulate him, or else your sexual connection may end sooner than you expected. One way to monitor how close your man is to that explosive point of no return is to check out his balls. The tighter they look, and the closer they are to his body, the more imminent is his orgasm. To delay this, you should love the other parts of his body between direct oral and manual stimulation.

When the explosive orgasmic moment arrives, the man's heart will be thumping madly as his breathing rate rapidly increases and his muscles tense up.

During the climax, the man experiences about 8 little contractions that occur about one second apart (This is very similar to the physiological changes that women experience in orgasm.) The climax and ejaculation can be accompanied with a large array of emotional and physical responses that signify his release. Some men scream or curse, while others cry or laugh. Some men tremble as if the earth is coming apart.

At this time, your role is, of course, to primarily enjoy yourself, but also to enjoy and extend the intimacy. Be encouraging. If he seems to want to cuddle and kiss and you appreciate what just occurred, go for it.

It's worth noting that not all orgasms will be of the mind-blowing, volcanic variety that everybody dreams of. Sometimes, the orgasm is more of a release than a full experience. Men can get off in about three minutes, but it won't be something that gets them too excited to sleep at night. A law of physics applies here: The longer the action, the stronger the reaction. Remember this: that foreplay is critical to extending the action. You should strive to provide an experience that will stay with him for weeks, months, maybe forever.


Condoms are an imperative part of any sexual relationship. They have two vitally important purposes: to avert pregnancy and to block the spread of disease. If you are part of a secure relationship in which both of you have determined condoms are not necessary, you are fortunate. If you have chosen to avoid intercourse and to stick to the alternatives we suggest, more power to you. However, for those who will be contending with condoms, we provide the following information and advice.

In this modern age, condoms are generally expected and accepted. When determining who you need to use one with, use your common sense. Common sense works best when you are sober and unemotional. Because most women find that they are not always sober and/or unemotional, it is recommended that you set some hard-and-fast rules for yourself. So that if you do find yourself going to bed with someone you don't know completely, there is no question of "Must I?" in your mind. Instead, using a condom will be your first nature.

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