Thursday, November 27, 2008

Penises - A Panacea of Pleasure

It is a mystery how nature came up with so many shapes, sizes and variations of penises. All possibilities were created in nature's penis design book: long and skinny ones, short and fat ones, ones that are thick at the bottom and inverted ones that are thick at the top, as well as a huge array of head shapes.

While all penises have some attractive qualities, those qualities may not be apparent to every person. Therefore, there is a chance that you will come across a penis that you find just disgusting to look at. In this case, keep the lights down and remember your manners.

Just a Trim Around the Edges

The truth about circumcision is this: it does not reduce penis size and it does not change the performance ability of the penis. When the penis is erect, it even looks pretty much the same, circumcised or not. So, while most men in America are circumcised, don't be intimidated if you come across someone that isn't.

It Might Be Worth a Second Glance

Other men, the grow-ers, were created with real-time penises that are small, even tiny- looking, but which grow to relatively amazing lengths at erection time. Of course, it is true that some men are neither show-ers nor significant grow-ers! Being aware of the grow-er/show-er phenomenon can provide you with more insights into that mysterious male psyche. Keep in mind that grow-ers have perhaps had more to 'prove' in life as they have been forced to stand exposed next to other men in many situations (high school gym class, bathrooms etc.) where inevitable comparisons are made. Even if the grow-ers know they can 'measure up' to the show-ers when the time comes, it is still a source of anxiety.


You've been introduced to penis, but what exactly happens to it during sex? The first stage, brought on by excitement, is arousal. You surely know that it doesn't take much to get most men aroused - maybe just a touch, a look, a smell, or even a thought. When becoming aroused, the man's pulse and breathing rate increase, and the penis stiffens. As it stiffens, the entire shaft and head swell up and become larger. During this time, most men report that the head becomes especially sensitive, while others say the section on the underside, just below the head, is the most tender.

Before you even consider pre-judging a man on his penis size, you better know the difference between grow-ers and show-ers. In another mysterious twist, nature created some men with penises that look fairly large all of the time, but which only get a little bigger with an erection. These people are the show-ers.

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