Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Q & A: I am worried about getting ill from tonguing her anus.

Q. I am a 35 year old straight man, and I have a new girlfriend who is very anal. She likes to be fingered in the ass and sometimes fucked in the ass, and I am more than happy to oblige. However, she is also kind of into shit. I am not turned off by it, but I am concerned about the health aspects. I am not talking about shit eating or shit smearing, but she does get turned on by the feelings she has while defecating, and also by telling me about it. She will get on her knees with her ass in the air, so that I can lick and sniff her asshole from behind. I enjoy it, but she likes to do it especially after she just finished taking a crap. I am turned on by it, and I know she cleans up very carefully. I want to do this, but I can¹t totally relax and enjoy myself because I am worried about getting ill from tonguing her. We've done it a few times and nothing happened. I also want to make her happy because she loves doing it. Is this okay?

I Have a Scat-Loving Girlfriend

Dear I Have a Scat-Loving Girlfriend:

It sounds like your girlfriend is one kinky chick, but you also sound like you're a guy ready to go along for the ride. Her obsession with shitting, telling you about it, and having you orally service her afterwards is a moderate form of a scat fetish; most scat players like to play with shit and eat it as well. There are two ways to play this as I see it. Scenario #1: She can take a dump, then wash her behind (or give it a swipe with a baby wipe), making the area more clean and less likely to have a great amount of bacteria on the surface. Then, when you lick it, especially just externally, the risks are relatively low of you contracting anything from her. The fantasy of you tonguing her dirty little bum remains intact, although you've taken the necessary steps to make the experience safer. Scenario #2: It may be that part of the turn-on for her is actually moving directly from the toilet bowl to your face. In that case, when you shove your lips around her butthole, things could be a little more risky. Anytime you come into contact with another person's fecal matter, there is a risk of transmission of STDs, HIV, and Hepatitis, as well as any gastrointestinal bugs that your lover may have. It¹s up to the two of you how potty- entered you want the fantasy to be. It sounds like you¹ll be more apt to relax if she cleans up carefully, and just *tells* you that her ass is smelly and messy. Sometimes the power of suggestion is just as hot as the real thing.

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